Comodo Firewall Icon on bottom taskbar???

Hello. This is my 3rd time coming here and I have a couple of questions. I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 IE7. I am also using Comodo Firewall version, which after some getting use to like very much. When I would hold my mouse over the Comodo icon it would say something like…Your computer is running smoothly or something to that effect (I read it all the time but now when I want to type what it is I can’t remember it)

I just downloaded and installed Comodo BoClean version 4.25 from the Comodo firewall page after reading up on it and seeing it might be something I would like to try. And ever since I installed BoClean and hover my mouse over the Comodo firewall icon it is saying…Comodo Firewall Pro is being initialized. Is this okay? Can you tell me what it means?? Will it eventually go back to what it originally said? Is my firewall still working or isn’t it??? Or should I unistall Comodo BoClean?

Anxiously awaiting someone to help me with this. I don’t like it when I think something is wrong and I don’t know what to do next…

USING MODIFY: I guess I needed to reboot my computer because once I did that when I hover my mouse over the firewall icon it says: Your computer’s security level is set to “Custom.” All systems are up and running. :BNC

It’s a very common bug.
There’s lots of those topics if you look around the forum.
I won’t find any topic at the moment.


Hi yjsk2100

No need to worry, it seems that this is common.
For info read here…

Stay with Boclean it is a great addition.Hope this helps.