Comodo Firewall icon last to show on boot-up - is this okay?

Hi all, seriously doubting Comodo Firewall as it does not instill confidence in me. Am I misunderstanding or doing something wrong? :-[

On booting up/logging on, the red square Comodo icon is mostly always the last (or nearly last) icon to show itself in the task bar. As I have Networx Desk Band toolbar active, I can already see Internet activity, ‘long before’ the Comodo icon displays. (I have it set so all icons are displayed in task bar)

I am concerned that nasties might be getting on board if my pc is up and running and the firewall is still only just getting itself into place. Now I accept I don’t have much of an idea about boot procedures etc, however, this just doesn’t reassure me very much.

What I would like, is some setting like ‘Force W7 to load CF first’

Would greatly appreciate some guidance here, TY.

Spec: I have a 3 year old Sony Viao laptop, W7HP x64, use CF together with Emisoft AM paid. :-TU

The protective services & drivers of Comodo do load early in the boot process. The GUI and tray process are loaded later. Any rules or settings will still before enforced without the GUI or tray process, you just won’t receive pop up alerts for unknown programs, which by default will be denied or sand boxed depending on your configuration and security level.

Thank you aim4it, so I was concerned about a non-issue. 8)

I just attached a screenshot anyway (task bar on left-hand side of screen).

Just remembered actually, there was a couple of times ages ago when I opened up the Control Panel and Windows Firewall was ALSO active. That was something a bit eerie. I then went on to double check every time I booted up, and it didn’t happen again that I saw, just those 2-3 times. I think that is also something that caused me to lose confidence.

Is there any reason why WF would also start? At any rate, my main concern has been addressed. :o

Btw, my configuration is as Chiron describes it in his guide.

Many thanks for the quick answer, Chig.

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