Comodo Firewall - how to interpret the Network Zones tab

Hi I have the free Comodo Firewall
Version xxx

In the Network Zones Tab which is found via FIREWALL tab then Network Security Policy then Network Zones Tab

I see

Loopback Zone

Home # 1

Public #1

The IP address sitting at Home # 1 looks to be within my normal IP range but at Public #1 a strange IP is sitting there. Its not the IP my ISP assigned and its not the IP address of my Gateway router.

Iam on wired soley I turned wireless OFF.

Can you advise?

CIS identifies new networks by the IP addresses it detects when in use. If you’re behind a router/NAT you’ll have an IP address range from one of several specifically reserved for this purpose. In most residential settings, this is usually something like:

192.168.x.x /

This is probably your Home #1 network Zone - It could also begin with 10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x

The other address I’ll guess is something like 169.254.x.x /

If this is correct, you have what’s known as a APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Address) This is quite normal and is a function of the Operating System. Basically, if, for whatever reason, the DHCP server is unavailable, even for a very brief time, the OS takes it upon itself to assign an address from the 169 range.

The Loopback zone is used for internal communication between processes and between components of the same process.