comodo firewall help

Actually just now I installed comodo firewall on my PC and restarted,then it displayed a message that it recognised a wired network and how shall I want to treat it? I selected “home” as I am at home.
Is that fine?

And I have one more doubt.
Generally If you have a firewall enabled and then if you go to control panel> network connections You will see the picture of a padlock on the wire in the pic.
But right now I cant see any padlock. But security center says that COMODO firewall is on.
Can anyone please help me with this issue?

Its allways a good decision to run official and reputated “tests” when you use a new firewall.
There are pages which do some tests, and then you will be presented with the result. You dont have to do anything else than start the test. Make sure that you use a legit page!

Just an example. They even have a leaktest, its the opposite of a “penetration” test. That way you have at least a good idea if the firewall is working.
Note: If you use a router, it might be tested instead of the comodo desktop firewall. But the leaktest would test the desktop firewall for sure for outgoing leak protection.

I never saw a padlock. Maybe its for the windows firewall. But i dont know.

Please help me…after uninstall comodo firewall my computer can’t connect internet…please help please

Please follow the advice I give in this topic. There are probably some left-over components causing problems.