comodo firewall has taken over address bar search on firefox

I have firefox 8 and just updated to the latest version of comodo Free firewall

Now when I search by typing the address bar I get some ■■■■■■ page with the Comodo logo and a notice that my search could not be found and some stupid suggestions, in place of google search results. I have checked about:congif and keyword.url is still set as google, but some how this comodo ■■■■ has taken over following the update.

How to I get rid of it!!!

This is probably the Comodo DNS landing page, but it might be helpful to see an image of what you’re seeing, just to make sure. If it is DNS, this is because the default installation of CIS changes your DNS servers to those belonging to Comodo. To change back to your previous state, you need to remove the Comodo DNS servers from the network adapter properties (image) If you obtain your details via DHCP leave the DNS fields blank, otherwise enter the IP addresses of whichever service you use, your ISP maybe.

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Thanks, that seems to be it - Don’t know why it suddenly started doing this, I have used the comodo DNS for quite some time.


So… is there a way to revert the effects while still using comodo DNS?