Comodo firewall freezes on s/up after MS updates initiates system restart

I have just recently installed Comodo firewall build 5.5.64714.1383 on a new pc build after using Comodo firewall pro for some time with no issues on my other machines.BUT
If I start my pc up normally I am able to get into the programme and view status and logs etc -no problem and all,s well until Microsoft comes along with an update and then wants me to initiate a system shutdown & restart.
Some times the “cfp.exe” is slow to close -not always though But on its restart the comodo icon arrives in the task bar but clicking it will not allow me to enter the programme,tried clicking on the programme in the all programme list -fozen!!
If I then instigate a manual shutdown and immediately restart the icon shows and its ok-into the programme no problem.
Should I therefore uninstall the firewall and reinstall it to see if this issue resolves itself.
I am using Xp pro /sp3,AVG antivirus and no other security runs real time on this machine.
Any help would be gratefully recieved. :frowning:

same problem to me.

before i was downloaded and installed CIS Premium (8/7/2011) and that was excellent. :-TU

but recently i changed the OS and download CIS Premium (8/28/2011) and i installed it in a fresh OS, but this version sometimes freezes during applications setup process (ms updates and other non ms softwares). :-[

i test this version on my friend PC, he also have same problem. :cry:

current cis version is: 5.5.195786.1383
virus signature is: 9956
os: win7 latest updates
hardware: dell inspiron 6400 (core 2 due 2.0 GHz, 2GB Ram)

Is cmdagent.exe maxing out a CPU core? Can you see what happens when you temporarily disable the AV Real Time Scanner? Does the same thing happen?

not all time there is same usage but most of time cmdagent.exe using about 40MB RAM and CPU percentage quickly changes in the range between 0 to 40. this 40% is the maximum i saw because when the screen going to freeze, i cant see cpu usage.

This problem happen for me in statefull security level. i disabled the AV and there is no problem so far.

Are you on a single or multicore system? What CPU are you using and how much RAM is on your system?

The peaks in RAM usage you report for cmdagent.exe are nothing out of the ordinary as are incidental peaks to 40% are not unusual.

Do you have other security programs running in the background? Try disabling them. Having two residential shields running at the same time can have various detrimental effects.

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

CPU is Intel core 2 duo T7200 (2x2.0 GHz)
the OS is fresh installation (no left over installation)
no other security softwares installed before or after CIS

Maybe my drivers not installed correctly


Are you on 64 bits Windows? What Windows are you on?

Does the freezing also happen when installing drivers?

yes, the OS is Windows 7 - 64bit

no, the driver installation is ok. the problem is during installing softwares and update. for example Dropbox, office service pack 1. but not all the softwares.