comodo firewall freeze

I have a big problem. I am new user and i am testing the last version comodo firewall, but the program is unstable and randomly freeze.

I have:

Windows XP + Sp3 + all hotfix (32bit)
Last official drivers for all components.

Programs against a background: Avast, windows search, setpoint, ipoint, RAM driver (panasonic), Realtek audio driver, Bluetooth driver (microstar star key)

Intel dual core
Gigabite Ga 965P
Nvidia 8800 GTS Leadtek

I need help…

Hello Salat and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Just checking, do you have another firewall running at the same time as comodo?

I think something is conflicting in the background with those start up items.

Can you go to Run and type “msconfig” without the quotes, Disable everything else besides Avast! & Comodo. Reboot your computer and let us know how things run.

If your computer NEEDS those start up items for whatever reasons- Keep them, But most look safe to disable on bootup.


Why don’t you try putting the firewall and D+ in training mode.

I have run comodo only. The Windows firewall service is disable.

The Problem isn´t when the firewall start. Firewall start well. When i work with him, for example (change firewall security lvl, change defense+ security lvl, switch to instalation mode, view firewall events) than firewall freeze (no responze) and i have to restart the computer.

Firewall freeze when i change the setings or browse menu…

As Vettetech suggested.

Put Defense+ in Training Mode… See how things go.


Hey, I noticed in the above posts you disabled windows firewall service

Did you do this in the control panel? or in the SERVICES Don’t some 3rd party firewalls need this service to run correctly?

Just a thought, Kyle

No. It’s only needed for Windows Firewall.


Can you specify the language version of your OS please?

Windows firewall is complete disabled in Services. In my computer is not other firewall.

OS language version is Czech. (Czech language in Win XP is not english core and czech language pack. Windows is completety czech)

I tested this setting with some effect. Firewall freeze when i put “view firewall events”

Well well well. There’s a pretty fine solution of this long-aged BUG and this solution overrides this bug from outside the CFP. A number of links will be sent you via PM in a couple of minutes.

Will be waiting for possible replies from mods or devs here to know this bug is not forbidden or ignored. Maybe I will be surprised …

So I have new bad information… i browse the forum and the problems with stability the comodo firewall have more people with czech language win XP. The last stable version is and next version freeze…