Comodo Firewall - free version - not doing a manual update

Sorry if this isn’t the proper place for this, but I simply could not figure out where to place this on the board. I’ve Comodo in the past when I was using XP, and found it to be excellent. A week ago I downloaded version 5.3.18145.1237 which I assumed to be the most recent free version of the Comodo Firewall.

On Wednesday May 4th the program wanted to download some updates. I went ahead and updated 12% of the full update. At 11 PM I aborted the update as I had to turn my computer off. The following day I tried to download the updates. It wouldn’t work. Every time I try I get an error message that reads “The system cannot find the specified file”.

I use Comodo because its an excellent product. Do I have to get another version of Comodo Firewall ? If so can you kindly mention the full version number. What does “specified file” mean ?

:-La For the dial up users prowling the internet (like me), who simply cannot afford super fast internet access (like me) small updates that don’t take hours would be a godsend. 12 % in two hours is simply not feasible.

Thanks again. fenderf-35

Due to a bug, updates are on hold until Monday.