Comodo Firewall for Vista?

When can we expect to see Comodo Firewall for Vista?

Version 3 of the firewall will be Vista compatible. I don’t know when it will be released, but rumours on the forum say around march/april

yeah, i heard those rumours too…

end of march is what we are aiming :slight_smile:


BUT: Do we all understand the implications of v3 for the world of security?

Vista ? Who cares ??
I always thought a OS was meant to give me control.

The only control vista gives is to Microsoft or whatever, thru there DRM crap.

I would have to agree 110% with that :).


Does anyone know when the first beta builds will be released for CPF version 3?


I believe beta’s for v.3 are expected in a few weeks.


you are confirmed date please link

*** Sits and waits patiently for the new Comodo ***

Geee, I feel really naked without a good working firewall…

*** Waves hand in the air and offers to help Beta Test… *** (:SHY)

Go to this thread (link removed to prevent jumping to wrong thread) to participate. I believe you can download the Beta, as long as you agree to provide feedback :slight_smile:

We’re talking about the Firewall, not the AntiVirus.

You’re absolutely right…
Somehow I managed to link in the wrong thread ???

I obviously meant this thread :slight_smile:

Ohhh thanks for that, much appreciated… (:CLP)

*** Heads over to thread mentioned with great anticipation ***