Comodo Firewall for Ubuntu (or other Linux Distros)

Hello and greetings from Belgium !

I like Comodo Firewall for XP very much
but i recently am dual booting with Ubuntu
probably the best Linux Distro ever.

So : i would love to see Comodo Firewall for Ubuntu (or Linux in general)


Linux has a Wine application (to run Windows applications in Linux)
Please make Comodo firewall run in Wine)



All Ubuntu based distros (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu) have firewalls built in that makes all ports invisible to hackers by default.

I don’t understand what other uses Comodo would serve as these distros already have firewalls.


You might also not want to post things like that. Though I generally agree, this is a security-based forum and you don’t want your throat scratched out by fanboys/girls of other Linux Distro’s.

Linux has had the ability for the kernel to ignore packets since Alan Cox ported BSD-like ipfw functionality in 1994. Ipchains and iptables soon replaced that.

For UNIX variants (Linux, BSD, Solaris, AIX, and MacOS), the kernel handles firewalling, and coding a specific app for it would be time-intensive and won’t give that much more in results.

Application-level firewalling (keeping malware from coming out) is a different level altogether, but there are a number of solutions already in place for this. SELinux, for example.

What Comodo can do is write a plug-in for a management console that would enforce enterprise-wide policies on UNIX boxes, which would use existing modules (ipfw, ipchains, iptables).

No it isn’t…! It in fact SUCKS…!

You obviously haven’t tried very many linux systems then…

Please, let’s not get into what version of linux is best here. If you want, a new thread should be opened. Thanks (:WAV)

I think the new Linux Ubuntu Users want have outbound and inbound traffic control like comodo firewall.

Yes, i think a small powerful comodo linux firewall like sygate 5.5 for ubuntu users is a good idea.