Comodo Firewall Feature Query

Hi! I once received a message from my Comodo Firewall that a Panda program I had installed was attempting to change settings in memory after I’d had the program for a few weeks. Sneaky Panda. I uninstalled it.

QUERY: Does Comodo Firewall also alert if a program recently downloaded is trying to hide it’s processes from the TASK MANAGER? I need to know.

I don’t know if it’s possible to hide from Task Manager, so while waiting for a better reply I can tell you that you don’t usually “hide” from there, but malicious software “injects” itself into other processes, so will not appear in the Processes tab, and that’s detected by CIS (otherwise it won’t pass many leak tests, as that’s widely used in spyware and other malware).

Thanks for the Info. I keep my Comodo Firewall configured with Defense + Limited to alerting on .exe ONLY!
Nothing else. Still, before when it alerted me to what Panda Anti-Rootkit was trying to do, it was the Firewall itself that gave me the warning. Not Defense +. Cool. I recently read how PCTools Firewall warned a guy that a piece of Malware that had just entered his system was trying to hide it’s processes from the Task Manager. I just want to know if Comodo Firewall does the same thing. Your response may well have answered my question. I trust Comodo. Thanks.

Memory access in its self is not by definition malicious. It can be though. But since it was from Panda AV it is not something to worry about.

Comodo is capable of detecting rootkits with its AV. With Defense + you can stop the installation of rootkits and unknown malware in general right in its tracks.