Comodo Firewall failure

I have a laptop with Windows XP SP3 with CIS 3.8 (Both firewall and AV installed). I tested it with Shields UP ( and it shows that ports 25, 69, 80, 110 and 987 are OPEN!!
On CIS, under Firewall tab, at “Stealth Ports Wizard”, I select “Block all Incoming…” and click next.

I restarted the computer, and applied the test again, and the same ports still opne…

Any ideas how to be completely stealth?

Hey there,

could it be that you have a router ? If so, the test is scanning your router instead of the firewall…
otherwise, use the stealthport wizard : Open CIS>Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports Wizard and fully stealth your system


Yes, I have a router, at least one, since I am connected trough my company network… Maybe that’s the problem :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering so fast. I will try the test again at home, to check results.


I use a router and all my ports are stealthed (both CIS firewall and the router’s firewall).

John, but this router is at home?

Here (at the company) we require certain ports to be open. Even though I will talk to TI guys, to check it. I know our Internet server runs Linux (I guess CentOS). Unfortunatly workstations runs Windows XP, because our systems are written in Delphi, and some components don’t work under Linux with wine… Should all the ports have Stealth status at companies networks? Are there tests more reliable then Shields UP? That’s the only one I know.

PS: Comodo users rocks as much as Comodo products!!

I cannot answer as yes I do have my router at home and your IT guys have configured the business routers as they see fit. The ports open are for mail and browser connections except for 987 (which may have to do with your business software protocols).