Comodo firewall fails to initialize shortly are updating to version 4.1

I uploaded the .xml file that CIS created after it failed, it’s in comodo.rar file here :slight_smile:

What computer it’s running on

Windows 7 Premium (32x)
HP Laptop
CIS with Antivirus(Stateful)l running under proactive mode with sandbox (ON)

What happened

  1. I updated to CIS version 4.1 then “restarted” when asked
  2. After restarted, I ran “Comodo System Cleaner” after startup
  3. About a few minutes later (the comodo icon stopped working) It had a red circle with a slash going across
  4. I opened the comodo icon and ran diagnostics (under “misc” button
  5. A screen popped up to install the drivers, then to restart the computer
  6. After the computer restart, I opened the icon.
    It says “it trying to initiate the firewall” <— something like that, it also didn’t show the traffic running on the main comodo screen either
  7. When it fails to initiate (after a few minutes), The comodo icon gets a red circle with a slash going across

Edit to add the following
The Anti-Virus Database in the “Misc” section of the comodo’s main screen shows “0”

Error: Update failed. Error code 0x800705aa. Insufficient system resources exit to complete the requested service

BTW I have over 100 GB free

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Sorry, I forgot to add this (below)

I downloaded the comodo tool from here to create a report

Also here’s a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report
It’s a .txt here
The only thing edited was the ip address and mac address id :wink:

Also it’s the same problem whether it’s in windows safe mode or safe mode with networking too!!!

If I can think of something else, I’ll add it

another thing, I updated comodo 4 anti-virus definitions before updating to version 4.1. I can STILL do a manual scan, but not update the AV

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