comodo firewall failed to start

hi everyone
i installed comodo on fresh windows 7 x64 one week ago and everything was fine today i was entering safe mode and system crash when i started windows normally after entering windows i got error message that comodo failed to start do you want to diagnostic for fix i choice yes to fix it but after that it end up with (found some issues but couldn’t fix them)
i uninstalled comodo and installed again same happened

Hi darwinhq,
We have several fixes in today released v10.2.0.6514:

Please check out and let us know if it solves the problem.


thanks for reply will try it now

i did download and reinstall it but after i install it work fine once i reboot my system i get the same error it only work now when i choice yes to run the diagnostic but now it end with with no problems after that when i go to start comodo manually it start and work as usual but i must do that every time i reboot my system or start it after shutdown

Hi darwinhq,
Please re-boot again and do following to help us figure it out:

  1. Share snapshot of the error you see.
  2. When you see error, please launch “Task Manager” and go to “Task Manager -->Details” tab and generate dump of each of running comodo process by right clicking and selecting “Create dump file” option and share those dumps with us.


yea i did checked comodo in task manager and it’s not running at all so i can’t dump it if it’s not there

i checked comodo services too and it’s not running too even if it try to start it failed to start with error

When you see message, it comes from one of comodo processes. So there must be at least one Comodo process.
Please sort that tab by “Description” column and go to entries starting with “COMODO …”

i got it after 2 reboot uplouding now

Please check issue again with