Comodo Firewall failed Stealth Test of PC Flank

My Comodo Personal Firewall failed Stealth Test of PC Flank. Copypage of test.

Test of PCFlanK

"The results of Stealth Test

We have sent following packets to TCP:1 port of your machine:

* TCP ping packet
* TCP NULL packet
* TCP FIN packet
* TCP XMAS packet
* UDP packet 

Here is the description of possible results on each sent packet:
“Stealthed” - Means that your system (firewall) has successfuly passed the test by not responding to the packet we have sent to it.
“Non-stealthed” - Means that your system (firewall) responded to the packet we have sent to it. What is more important, is that it also means that your computer is visible to others on the Internet that can be potentially dangerous.

Packet' type 		Status 	
TCP "ping" 	  	non-stealthed 	
TCP NULL 	  	stealthed 	
TCP FIN 	  	stealthed 	
TCP XMAS 	  	stealthed 	
UDP 	  	        stealthed

Quote of PC Flank
My Browser is Mozilla Firefox
Someone solution?

I am running same version, passed all tests. See picture.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Then because to me me that appears. Will it be any Spyware?
I am not behind a router.

Have you changed any of Comodo’s default settings?

Here there go my screen of the configuration of my firewall.

[attachment deleted by admin]

He sent another screen.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Other one has all the chosen options. Therefore I do not order screen.

Please post a picture of your "Network Monitor " rules.

Here it goes.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Some how you have lost all your Network Rules. Here is a picture of the rules I have. All are the default rules except # 5. Do not add that one. Ifthis doesn’t work you may have to uninstall and reinstall.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I am going to try it to see that it happens. He sent to them the result later.

Really, the problem was solved. I believe that the rule 5 of blockade is important for the good functioning of the firewall. I had to deactivate momentarily the firewall to be able to get connected to Internet, and then reactivate it: is it dangerous?
Not as other rules got lost, and that seems to me strange.

It is strange to lose all rules. Do you have to deactivate Comodo to connect the internet everytime you try to connect, or just the first time after making your Network Rules. If you have to do it everytime something is still wrong and yes I would say it is “dangerous”. You did add all the rules and in the correct order?

Restart the PC again, although when the update did the program it appeared the balloon of Windows saying that the firewall had been disabled and 2 seconds later went out the sign of restart. There was no need disconnect the firewall again to get connected to Internet. I believe that some of the unnecessary svchost.exe is the one that was bothering me.
Already block all the unnecessary ones I believe.
Uninstall and reinstall Comodo.

It still should not be doing that but if it does not worry you, then ok.

I believe that at the moment they can give the topic closed. The program already with the test. If I have problems I will write to them again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.I believe that the firewall is phenomenal, and what I learned with regard to the rules it is important.
A suspicion.
The first time that I disconnected myself to turn to tune in perhaps I took myself too much activate the firewall. The second time that I made it alone I left that the PC had the IP and I connected the firewall immediately. I am going to check with the anti-spyware, but I believe that they can give the topic closed.