comodo firewall error

it is to mention that every time i have installed the latest version of comodo firewall v7 on my computer with either windows 7 or windows 8 32 bit installed i have had to format my machine due to some network error shown by comodo firewall after installation and when i tried to uninstall and reinstall comodo firewall it gives error and also it completely destroys my internet connections and corrupts the lan driver and i have no other option rather than to reformat my computer everytime i have installed the buggy comodo firewall , so it’s my request to the comodo development team and to respectable melly sir to please give some quick program update to the comodo firewall to resolve all bugs and errors related with it and most importantly comodo really needs to give monthly program updates to all of it’s security products like any other popular security softwares to resolve and fix all important bugs and errors completely because currently the major drawback of comodo is that it has thousands of bugs in it and it releases program updates after an interval of six or seven months which is a very very poor and slow representation in the development process of all comodo products and also comodo needs to develop an uninstaller tool for the latest versions of all comodo products

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