Comodo Firewall doesn't show antivirus in security center

Hi, I’m new. I’ve just downloaded Comodo Firewall+Antivirus 5.0 and I’ve a question (surely silly :frowning: ) In the display of Comodo the icons of Firewall, defense and miscellaneous appear. And what about the antivirus?
The windows security center in my PC doesn’t recognize the antivirus and I doubt that it was downloaded.
Thanks in advance for you answer

Hi Raffaraffa
Welcome to the forums!

It looks like you installed Comodo Firewall instead of Internet Security.
You can add antivirus by going to add/remove software and select ‘change’ on Comodo Firewall entry.
Then change the installation and select Anti-virus there, next/next/finish reboot and Antivirus should also be part of CIS now.