comodo firewall doesnt let me change the mac address of my device

i have an industrial computer and i was trying to use comodo firewall,
my problem is that this computer has a motherboard which its network device mac address
has to be assigned manually , because by default is 00-00-00-00-00-00,
the real one is printed on a stick on the motherboard.

comodo firewall seems to use the “original” mac address even if you try to change it
by the windows driver management or with an external program like macshift.

this is the motherboard.

thanks for your attention.


actually i had not done it on the ruby computer, i was trying it before on my pc,
the problem was windows 7,

when you select another mac address in windows 7 it must have the second number as “2,6,a,e”
ex: 0e-6f-84-9a-b6-94

thanks anyway.