COMODO firewall doesn't detect any connection

I have wifi router. the problem ie onthe notebook witch is connected through wifi. there’s no problem on the PC witch connected through wire. i use secure DNS through the router (i tested, it is functioning).
i tried to reinstall but it didn’t changed anything. i have no idea what the problem is!

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There is something wrong with your picture.
How can it say, all components are active and running, when defense+ is disabled?

If you want to be asked for all connection attempts, you should use custom policy in firewall. In safe mode, “called safe” applications are allowed to connect and to receive on their own.
And look in your rules lists (application AND global rules) if theres an entry like: [All applications] Allow outgoing. <—Remove these rules.

clockwork, i dont use defence+ im talking about firewall. and it doest work. firewal must pass through all the traffic of the computer, but there’s no either outbound connection, nor inbound

And the green shield is somehow wrong too.

I can not explain what could cause your problem. Hopefully someone else brings light into it :slight_smile:

Can you show the firewall logs of your notebook?