Comodo Firewall doesn't allow Firefox/IE to access websites

Sorry if this is a FAQ, I couldn’t see it anywhere.

I’m connecting to the web via a router (don’t know if that’s relevant), and I have no problem accessing websites when Comodo Firewall is not running, but as soon as it’s loaded both Firefox and IE time out when attempting to access any website (I tested google and - neither would load). However I CAN successfully ping those addresses crom the command prompt.

I have AVG Control Centre running, but I have checked the ‘skip advanced secutiry checks’ box as advised in this thread. Again, I don’t know if that’s relevant.

I’m running Windows XP but I don’t have the firewall turned on.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

One of two things, most likely, here…

  1. You have blocked the browsers (not too likely; you’d probably know)
  2. Your network monitor rules are not allowing appropriate outbound traffic

By default, you should have 6 network monitor rules; 5 Allow, 1 Block (at the very bottom). Top rule (ID 0) should be Allow TCP/UDP Out Any Source/Destination IP/Port. This allows browsing, email, etc. If that rule has been changed or is not present, that’s probably the problem.

Have you checked the Activity/Logs for entries showing Blocked activity when you try to access the web via browser? The Logs hold all the keys…