Comodo Firewall does not work well

Not what happens but I think this firewall is not working as it should operate… I turn on my computer or do a reboot I get the firewall comodo shield in the taskbar because I have it activated at startup (but small) and I have to click the right mouse button on the icon of comodo firewall and leave to reopen the comodo firewall and leave the icon in size a little larger and show me the yellow arrows downhill uphill green when surfing the internet or run programs etc…

That is, for you to understand me well, when I start or restart the computer and my comodo firewall load in the taskbar icon is tiny and does not show anything I said earlier and I have to leave to return to the run comodo firewall and is loaded again in the taskbar and then if I get the icon size a tad larger and shows me the yellow arrows in green down-hill, which is how I should leave provided when I start or restart the pc would have to appear consistently so.

PS: I tested the firewall comodo diagnose and fix anything I said that everything is correct.

thanks for the help!

Do I understand you correctly when I say that after reboot or cold start the traffic animation is not working? The traffic animation will not start; also not after waiting a couple of minutes and all programs have started? It will only after you have exited and restarted the client application?

to see, when I start or restart the computer comodo firewall is loaded in the taskbar but does not display a yellow arrows downhill uphill green (which should be as you say your Internet traffic detected by the firewall). Well as I say, does not show when I turn or do a reboot of the computer icon I get a little more than normal and shows that Internet traffic on the icon … I have to remove comodo firewall, I mean right click on the icon on the taskbar and give leave to reopen the application comodo firewall and then if he shows me a yellow arrows downhill uphill green. But do not understand why is not shown so by turning on or reboot the computer and have to leave and re-run the comodo firewall on your computer to display properly?

I looked in the Firewall settings and I have enabled the option: Show traffic animation in tray