Comodo Firewall Does Not Total Uninstall

I uninstalled comodo firewall and reinstalled it so that I could make clean permissions for my applications. I realized that the firewall was on a error state saying that network firewall was having problems. I ran the fix button, but still wouldn’t work out. It seems that when I uninstalled it the Comodo Firwall Miniport driver was still installed, and could not be uninstalled. And a new driver was installed but with error. Meaning that firewall wouldn’t properly work due to conflicts between these two drivers (same one).

Does anyone know how to fully remove the driver that is still left after uninstalling? It’s being a tremendous headache.


Read this.Right on the top of the main page before you posted. Hope it works.

thanks. I’ll try that. Missed that topic. Anyway, just slept 4 hours trying to figure this out.

thanks again