Comodo Firewall does not seem to be working

To test if Comodo firewall is working properly, I tried the test at

These tests don’t really seem to work, whether I turned the firewall on or off, I got the same results without any difference. Really puzzling whether my firewall is configured correctly or not. I earlier installed Comodo, let it use the default settings at first and then began to make some modifications like “Stealth my ports to everyone” but I’m getting the same results.

If my firewall is just switched on, am I getting the genuine protection?

I just used my mobile’s GPRS connection for the test. I mostly use the “Safe Mode” in Comodo firewall.

I switched between “Disabled” and “Safe Mode” in Comodo and re-did the tests for each twice, exactly same results for each. What’s wrong with Comodo firewall?

Can you just give me a few recommended changes to make to the comodo configuration to correct and improve my security?

Are you behind a router?

If you are then PCFlank is actually testing the router and not CIS.

Sorry for the late reply.

The computer I tested, originally is connected through a router, but for the test, I disconnected the system from the internet via the router, and connected it through my mobile as a GPRS modem, either way, through the router or my mobile GPRS modem, the results of were the same.

Any thoughts?

Can you be more specific about what test is failing. PCFlank has several tests.

It seems the firewall failed all tests, take the “Quick Test” for instance.

When I checked my IP address, I found it does not point to my exact location, but to my ISP, which is at a different location.

That’s normal, the IP block is always pointed and routed to the ISP(except you are a Company and get a small IP block routed to you), you get a Dynamic IP, with the new High Bandwidth lines the lease time is about a week and in most cases you get the exactly same Address as before but that is not a Problem.

GPRS is not a good thing to test, the Data is being compressed and so on.

Just did the test, I have a official IP address that is completely routed through my router so that my Pc is directly in the Net, passed all tests (except the Browser privacy check, but for that you only need to turn off “Referer” in the Browser, but than you can’t even use Google properly).

But I’m using V3 of CIS


BTW. Do you have the Windows Firewall enabled?

GPRS is not a good thing to test, the Data is being compressed and so on.
But does the protection remain good through GPRS?
but for that you only need to turn off "Referer" in the Browser
I'm using Firefox (Latest version) Wondering where this "referrer" can be?
But I'm using V3 of CIS
I'm using the same version (just the firewall module only)
BTW. Do you have the Windows Firewall enabled?
It is currently disabled.

One doubt : If I just use the “safe mode” of comodo firewall, does it offer good protection?