Comodo Firewall does not seem to be recognised by AOL on my computer

(:WAV) I have just installed the Comodo Firewall as I was fed up with the Mcafee Firewall provided by AOL (it coursed all sorts of problem and didn’t run properly). My Problem now is that AOL doesn’t seem to recognise that I have a firewall installed. Which is making me a bit concerned that I am not protected. The Comodo Firewall is working because it informs me of activity but when I try to test my configuration the AOL server will not recognise it and tells me that

  • DNS is not reachable
    *DNS does not have a listing for the website domain

Can any one give me guidance? I am afraid I am only just learning about all this and don’t understand much of what I should do and much of the jargon. I am feeling a little out of my depth.

Given that AOL is almost everything, even AV these days, i’m not sure what exactly isn’t recognising Comodo.

Could you please help me understand your problem?

Hi Pedro, Thank you for trying to help me.
At the bass of the AOL Start up screen where you sign in there is a list of checks such as: web pop up controls, Anti Virus, Parental controls and of course Firewall. Next to them is a indicator telling me wheter or not it is detected or not. Next to Firewall it show in red Not detected. This is all I know!
Then as I said earlier when I try to check that Comodo is Configured correctly through the test link the web page does not come up and tells me :

It no longer exists or DNS is not reachable etc.

I don’t know if these to things are linked

I’m sorry I can not be more help in explaining the problem.

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AOL Start up screen
Where? Gimme a link ;D Is it software, or a site ???

I’m not american, and don’t have anything even remotely associated with AOL. I think they are internet service providers, but… :’(

I’m sorry no one else has responded, usually the forum is very active.
However, if CPF says it’s active, the Network Monitor is active and with default rules (change them only if you know what you’re doing), etc., then the firewall is active :slight_smile:

If the firewall is operating with two colors, red and green on a black background, it is running
Had issues with AOL and it wouldn’t recognize Computer Associate’s AntiVirus, oddly enough, my IM was using CAAV and that said something.
Later Edition was AOL 9.0 Security Edition, that recognized the AV. I finally thru out that CD when was free, that, tried to download & install and never worked. AOL said they would send me the CD, it hasn’thown up in more than 2+ months. When AOL 9.0 came out, there were so many problems that I left AOL for 3 months and i was using WIN98E to WINME then; now WINXP. I have a delete list for all the bloat for AOL9.0 SE finally worked. deleted, aol IM on desktop, aolxtras, ICQ, Communicator. Add/Remove AOL Toolbar, AOL Desktop, AOL Spyware removed, to the tree cleaned them out there also, along with itunes, music folder, since they were pushing RealPlayer, Winamp( in Nullsoft folder), QuickTime (it couldn’t be completely deleted but, right click icon on the taskbar, select File Associations and all but one can be unchecked, my default player is Windows Media Player. There is Viewpoint Player and one that no one knew about, pathfinder. cleaning out all that was in there was very hard. Port Magic, Webcoach, you find similar items in C:\Program Files\Common Files and if you go to All Users, more were listed there under AOL is C:_America Online 9.0 even a ???2learn from the Add/Remove. When it was first installed, I went from Start to All Programs, America Online 9.0 there was so much I didn’t that it was cut to two items, 1 was System Information. In removing everything from the registry aftr getting all this out of Add/Remove to Find/Search for File and Folders, even hiddn ones. That was a big list to delete. Then I went to and in the regisrtry was 338 items and took 2-3 passes to clean it all out. With the older Windows, I have one emergency boot disk from WINME and i could delete everything and Format with a list I have and reinstall Windows all that is needed is your Registration number, later editions, use the magicjellybean keyfinder. The other editions had under C:\Windows|Options\cabs like I got those burned onto a CD-R, his Windows 98 Second Edition serial number is usually on the side of a desktop. He has te list to format and reinstall windows, his serial number is also in that case fro m the side plus the directions to for using an emergency boot floppy, go to the Add/Remove and at the top is create a disk on the middle tab of WIN98SE. McAffe has one good Product, McAfee SiteAdvisor. Stopped using McAfee 6 mos after my first computer was infected with a Arab Virus and it destroyed the motherboard in 1999. I thik you can email/epost me. The last version is AOL VR. Chris7

Hi Chris7
Does the AOL thing act like windows security center, windows live one care, something like that.

lousy46 i have put comodo on 2 laptops that i cleaned and thay used aol and for some reasion aol doin’t see comodo firewall but if you go to GRC shieldsup and run there tests it will tell you if your firewall is working :slight_smile: thay passed as trustealth :slight_smile: