Comodo Firewall does not remember

I download many programs that are safe. I just downloaded IrfanView and Comodo wanted to know if the IrfanView setup was safe. I said yes and remember this, but every time it a different part of IV was downloaded it asked me if this was safe. Once I tell it it is safe I do not want to see a thousand popups asking is the applications download program which is now downloading another part of the app is safe. Once I tell it I want this program downloaded, I do not want see anymore popups. I would like away to add a new program to the safe apps and allow it do do what ever I want it to do. If it tries to call home I may want to know about and I may have told it to call home everytime something changes. I do not want to see all those pop ups asking is this ok. ZA makes this very easy to control. I wish the Comodo would make it just as easy. And once I tell it the program is ok, I do not want to be bothered again. Is there a manual that I can download that gives all this info.