Comodo firewall - does not remember rule after rebooting[Solved]


I’m sorry to inform you the following bug:

When I remove the

Allow IP out From IP Anyt to IP Where protocol is any

from my Diskeeper service executable, every time I restart my computer the same rule is there. I have clicked apply many times, added my own rules ( which it does remember ). But there is no point to create own rules if Comodo lets the program to freely access internet even if I have deleted the rule.

Version of Comodo Firewall Professional:

* CPU 32 bit 
* Vista SP1
* Free AV antivirus
* Safe Mode in Comodo firewall

I deleted the rule from Winamp and it DOES remember my rule.

So it has something to do with DkService.exe

I guess this simply means that DkService.exe is a Safe app (ie whitelisted by Comodo) thus CFP is working as expected.

Please switch CFP Firewall to Custom mode and test it again.

Yes, thanks.

Now it works.

You’re wellcome

I’ll lock this topic since it has been solved.