Comodo firewall does not protect me from Net Cut!!!!!!!!!!! [RESOLVED]

Can you tell me how to protect me from NET CUT by using Commodo firewall?
Peter Utta,
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I don’t think neither CFP 2.4 or CFP 3 does that, but there’s a small program called Anti Netcut that’s supposted to protect you from that. It’ll also give you the IP from the one who’s using the net cut against you.


You can activate:

“Protect the ARP Cache” option in “Firewall->Attack Detection Settings”. It wil protect your ARP cache from being poisoned.

Thanks egemen. I’m not too much into the ARP-stuff, so I didn’t know about it (:WIN)

NP. Ofcourse these ARP attacks involves the gateway too. So the gateway must also be protected because if the gateway’s ARP cache is poisoned, then it will not reply to your PC properly.

It can affect a perimeter. So each computer in this perimeter should also be protected by CFP.


Thanks you two :■■■■