Comodo firewall detects program names wrongly?

Hi, I am pretty new to comodo firewall, just started using one month ago.
Well, recently when I was downloading files on safari, I opened the firewall to check traffic.
Comodo shows that avastsvc (avast service) is using 100% of traffic.
After opening the details and checking connection, I realised that firewall wrongly detected safari as avast.
Whenever I paused the downloads, the traffic usage dropped to 0%.
Is there a way to fix this or is this just a configuration glitch.

Welcome to the forum swsw,

What you describe is the normal operation, IF you have the Avast Web Shield activated.
The Web Shield intercepts the browser traffic to scan it.
So it is the Avast service that the Firewall is dealing with at that time.

So no fix, no glitch.

To check it out just disable the Web Shield for a few minutes.
And you should see your browser correctly identified if you generate traffic.

Hope this helps clear it up for you.