Comodo Firewall + Defense & Security - preventing program installation

Hi I have the latest Comodo with that Defense & Security. How can I get rid of that Defense & Security? If I can’t delete it, then how can I turn it off forever?

I have a legitimate program I’ve downloaded and I click the exe and it unzips but that Comodo Defense & Security pops up and I click treat as Installer and check Remember. The exe unzips and then tells me I need to download another exe file for that program which I’ve already downloaded. I then click that file exe and up pops a window that says it’s not a valid Win 32 application with that Defense & Security smaller box popping up saying it’s still in installation mode so I click YES but that exe file never opens.

That exe file is legitimate and ok because a friend who uses Zone Alarm turns it off when he downloads a legitimate programs and that file unzips and installs fine.

How can I turn off Comodo when I want to unzip and install a legitimate program and how can I turn off or get rid of that Defense & Security permanently?

Thank you for your help.

To use CFP3 without D+, try going to miscellaneous/manage my configurations/select and choose “comodo-network security”. That should eliminate most of the popups. If you want to turn D+ back on later, just go back and select “comodo-optimum security”.

Put Comodo in install mode first. Unlike what sded says I never have any problems installing something if I simply use install mode first then install. What ever program you are using to unzip make sure that program is trusted in D+. I use WinZip for all my needs.

Nothing works. I went in to Miscellaneous, I chose Select, I chose Comodo Network Secruity which then goes grey (not the dark black) with a check next to it and that Comodo box keeps popping up. I then click treat like Installer and then that other box pops up asking if I want to keep it in Install mode and I click Yes but that box keeps popping up. It won’t stop. So, then I go back into Miscellaneous, choose Select, select Comodo - Opitmize and exit. That doesn’t change a thing. No matter I do Comodo is out of control. Is there a way to reach the programmers who wrote this program to ask how to troubleshoot this? It keeps preventing the extraction of a fiel I need for a program I need to use. This has been going on for 2 days now. Thank you.

If you change modes you need to reboot each time. FIRST put Comodo into install mode in the main GUI. Then move the D+ slider to training mode. Close out Comodo GUI. Now start your file extraction. I install things all the time. You will still get a pop up about switching back to previous mode but just click no. I installed Trackmania Nations Forever which is a 600MB file and had no problems. If you are getting a pop up about the ZIP file when you clearly read it then thats is not the installer. I ZIP file is clearly not an installer. Just treat the Zip as trusted or just click allow and be sure remember is checked off. Also be sure to put D+ back to safe mode when your done. Its that simply.

I wish that would work on my PC but it doesn’t. I click Treat as Installer and that pop up box keeps popping up and then that green box asking me if I want to return to previous mode and I click No but it keeps popping up every 10 seconds or so and it prevents “thin.exe” part of pdf995 from ever installing so I can’t use the program.

Can I use Comodo 2.4 (built for W2k) on my PC running XP Pro?

If it doesn’t have that Defender & Security function I would really like that.

Thanks for your help.

Your NOT following my instructions. I said put Comodo into install mode first through the main GUI. It is normal for the message to pop up about switching back from install mode but it doesn’t effect the installer. Simply click no. How big of a file are you extracting? 10 GIGS? There is no green box either. Comodo colors are blue and white. I use Comodo all the time and install things everyday with no troubles. Did you put D+ in training mode also like I said? Extract your file first and be sure your program that you use to extract files is trusted. Then when the file is done go into that files and click the installer in that extracted file. If Comodo gives you a pop up then click allow and treat as installer. You can IM me the file and I will try it myself.

I’m sorry but I don’t know what GUI is of where to find it. So, I have no idea how to put anything in install mode except when that Red and white box pops up and you can click treat as Installer.

I have no idea where the D+ slider is except for the rectangular box which pops up after the red box goes away asking me if I want to return to pervious mode which I click NO.

Can’t I just run Comodo 2.4 on XP and not have to worry about Defender?

Or just run Windows Firewall?

Thanks for your help.

GUI mean Graphical User Interface. Thats is the main box you see when you double click the Comodo icon. You mean to tell me you have never opened up Comodo and seen the main screen?

You should always familairize your self with any program you install so you know what makes it tick and what settings do what. After I install anything I always open up the main GUI and explorer all the options.