comodo firewall defense + compatibility with microsoft security essentials

Hi im from mexico, because that i dont speak spanish very well. I use microsoft security essentials antiivirus because this security solution protects me very good and dont want change this. But the Windows 7 Firewall looks unsecure, I download and use comodo firewall whit defense + but I dont know how to configure it. in the instalation procces i select the thirth option Firewall and maximum protect. The defense + function are activated. My cuestion is ¿Arre any kind of incompatibility between comodo firewall, defense+ and Microsoft security essentials?.

How i must configure Comodo firewall Whith the maximum protecction whitout loss compatibiity whit Microsoft security essentials

in spanish

Como configuro comodo firewall con la mejor protecion sin perder compatibilidad con microsoft security essentials y sin que interfiera en su desempeño

I want to use comodo firewall whit the better configuration and maximum protection, but I want to continue use microsoft security essentials.

Give me instructions for configurate it

I use programs like dropbox in my job and need good firewall not like windows 7 firewall.

If is posible give me information in spanish send me the help of comodo firewall in spanish please

But if you asist me in english I acept it

Excuse me for my way to speaking but i dont speak english very well.

Thank you very much If are a spanish forum please contact me.

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