COMODO Firewall ->Defense+ Alert Nagging

S24EvMon.exe is an Application of Intel(R) Wireless Management Service located at C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin

COMODO Defense+ Alert keeps on asking for permission regarding it and another application, iWrap.exe, which is an Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless iWrapper Application in the same location.

I have “Allow this request” several times with “Remember my answer” box ticked. And yet it keeps on asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking every few seconds.

What do I do to get COMODO Defense+ Alert to get it that I “have allowed it, stop asking me already.”

You’re sure it’s asking the same request and not for access to different things? Some applications like to modify many registry keys and if you don’t look at the actual key name, you’ll think it’s the same alert when it is in fact a different alert.

Have you tried setting it as a trusted application?

Its the same set of requests over and over again involving the same two applications. I tried setting them as “Trusted Application” but that option isn’t there.

Also, I had a problem with USBGuard.exe the first time I installed COMODO. Someone answered my concern already and it was solved.

Now, its doing the same old problem again. USBGuard.exe access memory and Defense+ sees it as a suspicious attempt.

Can you show us a screenshot of the D+ logs?

I will try a fresh reinstall of the latest CIS. If still it doesn’t work, then I’d consider posting pics.

Keep us posted.

Thanks to I can now post pics.

But I think it is prudent not to repost pics that I have already posted in the same forum, so I will just give the links.

Here they are:

I hope this will help you guys help me and others like me.

Pic update on Defense+

I’m adding new pics to the links I just gave. So far the problem is no longer Defense+ nagging me with alerts. Its now Defense+ blocking other software that was already installed prior to the fresh reinstallation of CIS. Based on what I understand from…

…Defense+ should not be so paranoid about the activities of software that was already installed in my system prior to its (CIS’s) own fresh installation.

[attachment deleted by admin]

One thing you can do immediately, is remove BOClean as it’s now incorporated into CIS.

Seriously? did not say that it is. So is the incorporated BOClean in CIS accessible like the standalone BOClean?

I’d read about its incorporation into CIS somewhere in the forums?

Major Geeks offers an old version of Comodo Firewall namely v3.0.25.378. That’s why you don’t get the information.

BO Clean is now part of the AV component of Comodo Internet Security.

In case you want to start using CIS 3.11 notice that you cannot export the configuration you made for this version to v 3.11

You can download CIS here: .

I just uninstalled COMODO BOClean. Do I need to do anything else?

If D+ is still blocking the AV, you could try making it a Trusted application.

AV…Anti-virus? No, it never did that, not even CIS v3.9 ever blocked the AV.

Ok, I just noticed the log file you posted earlier has several entries for Avast…

Oh wow, you’re right.

Gosh, I think in this case, I’d like CIS to give me alerts again. That way I can tell it how to treat the software it is blocking and stuff.

How do I make CIS give me alerts now that I have followed ?

Hi VGI. Here is something that may work.

Assuming Avast has its executable files digitally signed you can try adding it to the My Trusted Software Vendors List. Go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My Trusted Software Vendors → Add → Read from a running process → select on one of the Avast processes → when it doesn’t say anything after adding it is added. Now delete the rule for th Avast process in Computer Security Policy.

When the above does not work see if the solution I presented in your other topic helps here also. Make sure to make all .exe and .bat files related to Avast are added: