Comodo Firewall & Cyberlink Power DVD 9 - conflict problem


My apologies if this post is in the wrong place. I feel disappointed right now because I have lost Cyberlink Power DVD 9 since I have updated Comodo Firewall to the 3.10 latest version

I had this conflict problem before but I resolved it by uninstalling Comodo and re-installing again - only the Firewall. Then Cyberlink started working again.

Now, that I have updated Comodo to 3.10 Power DVD stopped working again. I do not know what to do…I guess I will have to uninstall Comodo.

I would really appreciate if Comodo creators could resolve this conflict problem between Cyberlink Power DVD 9 and Comodo Firewall. Basically when Comodo is ‘on’…Cyberlink shuts itself down.


Hi Churky,

Please read the following thread (you could use Search feature here :wink: )

There are reports about some problems re: Cyberlink Power DVD 9 but most importantly it seems like there is solution and it looks like you don’t need to uninstall CIS in order to run the player

I hope that will help

I am sure developers will fix that. I have no doubts about it…

… but in any case even if that may not currently work for you - you can temporarily use any excellent free media players for DVD playback:

  • VLC (the best in my opinion) … no codecs required;
  • Media Player Classic;
  • some users of this forum are using Korean Media Player KMPlayer) (no codesc required)

I can name a few more…
They can be downloaded from : Download best multimedia tools
and KMPlayer from

My regards

p.s. it would be helpful if you provide info about OS you are running and probably some other details (other security software you are using, anything running in the background, etc.)

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I still have this issue…incompatibility/conflict beetween Cyberlink Power DVD 9 & Comodo firewall.

I do hope that this issue will be addressed soon as I am positive there are a lot of people that have this problem and like me are not willing to give up Cyberlink Power DVD 9.

I used to love Comodo…not any more since this problem is latent and it shouldn’t .


Hi Churky,

Have you tired making Cyberlink Power DVD 9 a “Trusted Application” ? (Defense+>>Advanced>>Computer Security Policies). What happens also when you deactivate Defense+ then reactivate it when Cyberlink Power DVD is running (If off course you can run it fine with Defense+ deactivated)?

If those alternatives do not work, Can you please do a full bug report here - considering you have the latest version (3.10.102363.531)