COMODO firewall custom rules for download managers

How to make firewall custom rules for download managers programs.

e.g. youtube downloader, FileZilla, Jdownloader, orbit, internet download manager…

step by step guide + ports range and so on, I searched in the forum here but no luck.

default current rule is sound scary.


Try outgoing only.

Thank you for the fast reply,
Really sorry for the very late reply by me…

It worked, Thank you very much.

Make sure to connect only trusted programs, downloaded from trusted sources, to the internet.

Outgoing only should be safe if the program is safe. If a program uses the same IPs only, you can specify the rule, because you can :smiley:

Avoid to allow INgoing, as long as its not absolutely required. If its required, reduce the permission to the most exact requirement!
-Creating a listen server
-using fully p2p (while p2p could work with outgoing only too, depends on the structure)

thanks for the tips, will follow them.

I always buy my programs from the source and use them on trusted pages verified by Comodo DNS, Kaspersky URL advisor and common sense. :wink:

Thanks again… :slight_smile: