comodo firewall custom firewall application rules suddenly empty ?!

Today something strange happened.

I was in the middle of the automatic update of our banking programm to a new version. This process stalled for some reason. All else too. I couldnt even get the taks manager up showing.

Eventually, I had to press the reset button on Win 8.1 64bit…

The the boot was strange since not all autostart programs were loaded. I rebooted.
Then all was fine but lots of firewall rule pop ups appered. I had a clue and did a look at the custom fire wall application rules:




How can I, if at all, get them back restored without reapplying a whole system imaged since I think to know that these rules are stored in the registry. At least I think this was the case some years ago.

But why the heck is it possible at all that the can be wiped?


Do you have a backup of your config file?

Sometimes when one of the processes crashes it may cause damage to the rules stored in the registry. Using a system restore point should be be able to help you out.

I see Eric.

Thank you for making things clear.

For the matter of security in the users sense could it make sense to implement an auto rules/config backup routine in the comodo products`?

An excellent point. You can submit it as a wish in Wishlist - CIS>