Comodo Firewall & CTC ???

I am running Comodo’s free firewall along with TrustConnect which I have paid for the right to use. I also use Comodo’s secure dns via my wireless router. When I view the connections there is always something called 2F out under protocol. What does 2F refer to and is it anything to be concerned about? I’ve attached a screenshot of the same.

Thanks in advance!

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I have never seen it before. Anybody?

Looks like it might be this.

Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol

Let me go a little further here as to why I think this might be showing up, though I’m not 100% certain this could be the cause. For the past year or so I’ve noticed a unsecured wireless ad hoc device present when I turned on my wifi via my laptop. I have since disabled all ad hoc connections (which there shouldn’t have been any, anyway) to my computer and the device no longer shows up. I’ve added blocks via my router for this device also as I noted that the mac id for this particular device had changed at least 3 times. I’ve blocked all 3. At this time I changed my DNS to Comodo’s secure dns.

After all this I saw that the 2F OUT protocol started showing up. Even now at times my firewall will just drop of it’s own accord even though I inputed a password for admin purposes. Just a hour ago I walked away, came back and my laptop had rebooted, blue screen I suppose since it asked if I wanted to reboot into safe mode. So I’m not sure where to go from here, though I need to ask, is CTC working for me or are there too many issues here to keep it from doing so?

I pay all bills, and do online banking via the internet so I really need to know.

Thanks Eric and Dennis for your prompt answers regarding this issue.

Thanks again!

Thx. Learned something new.

I checked the CTC props to see if they speak about using Cisco L2F protocol but did not really tell me anything.

Since System is making the connection it looks like you have the Comodo VPN connection set as a trusted connection. Could you show a screenshot of your Global Rules?

To know if CTC played a role with the crash we ned to know more about the blue screen. Please download BluescreenView from Nirsoft and look up the details of that crash. We are interested in the files reported in the “Addresses in the stack” column. That may hint us to what it going on.

All I can supply you with are my global settings. There is absolutely nothing in the minidump folder so I cannot pull up any bluescreen data, if indeed that’s what shut me down. I didn’t actually see it, but usually when my system reboots asking if I want to enter into safemode, it has always been the result of a bluescreen error and I had assumed that that is what had occurred here. This has been my experience in the past anyway, not really sure what else could’ve caused it to do that.

Anyway, here is the screenshot of my global settings, all are blocked. I am using, “Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per-case basis.” under the stealth ports wizard. I’m guessing those are the global setting defaults. My connection I’ve specified as public because the network I’m on I really don’t believe is all that secure, my geolocation showed my IP across the street and two houses up. It is now geolocated here (my home) as it should be. So I figured better firewall protection if I go public because I’m not sharing (standalone). Sure hope I haven’t been wrong on that?!

Many thanks…

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I am not experienced in using VPN connection so I am not sure what we are looking at. Nor can I comment on what the logs showed. It could be some protocol maintenance traffic being communicated?

Anybody else?

Eric, I deleted the adapter created by accessing CTC through the firewall interface, unticked the TC alert boxes under general settings, and reinstalled the TrustConnectClient.exe app from my accounts page. Things appear to be kosher again and F2 OUT no longer appears. I am now connected 100% through TrustConnect.exe. It is curious though, how the two connections differed if only by connection methods. Thanks so much for your assist in trying to amend these issues.

I am not a regular user of CTC, I only use it incidentally on my netbook. I would like to ask you to post a screenshot of your general settings with the changed parameters highlighted.(I don’t have it installed on my desktop and would like to see what you did).

Sure thing. The two highlighted features via the screenshot were both ticked by default after installling cf.exe which essentially gave me the option to connect CTC through the firewall which I thought I would try. After reading the link Dennis posted regarding F2 OUT, it appeared to me that that was somehow associated with a Cisco device, which there is one on the network, though it is not ours. So I went back to the TrustConnectClient.exe app which I feel provides better security.

The only other difference via the two connect methods are, via CTC firewall access there is no mac id associated with your CTC connection, with app access, there is.

Thanks Eric!

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