Comodo Firewall Creating TMP files, question

Just wondering, does anyone know what the creation characteristics of these ~D***.tmp files are that comodo generates in the temp folder. I know that on a reboot comodo is supposed to create a new one and the old one becomes unlocked and deletable. Recently I did a reboot in a short period of time and noticed that comodo did not create another tmp file. Suspicious I rebooted a couple of times and it doesn’t seem to create a new file on every reboot (shut down and then restart), so I was wondering, does comodo have to go through a certain amount of files for these files to be created or does a certain amount of time have to pass by? This is in all probability nothing serious, just surprising behavior than what I’m not used to and I’m curious about the details.

I tested these ~D*** files on another machine prior, and by turning comodo FW off I was able to delete the (formerly active) file, so I am in full confidence that these do belong to Comodo.

Mine are in C:\Documents and Settings[i]useraccount[/i]\Local Settings\Temp

There shouldn’t be a specific number of files before it deletes old ones. I have observed this and on every boot new temp files are generated; meaning on problems. That or I use CCleaner regularly :P.

Ah but for me it appears that not every boot generates a new file. Should this be happening?

I don’t know if it should be, but it does on my pc just by the modified date.

I suppose then again the only times that it didn’t generate a new file were times when I rapidly shut off/rebooted the system, that could be the cause.

No, that doesn’t seem right. That/those temp file(s) gets re-created each time CFP starts, not when your pc reboots. As a test you could exit CFP and see if you can delete the temp file and then restart CFP.

On shut downs of CFP the file is automatically deleted (the temp folder is empty when I look) and when the program is restarted the file reappears. This is consistent behavior after 3 trials.

edit: Hmmm should this be correct, I mean shouldn’t a new file have been generated and the old one gets unlocked. This might explain why a new one isn’t generated all the time on reboots.

That’s what I thought as well. If you’re that concerned you can try reinstalling CFP in a clean environment like safe mode or contact official support at (the same old recommendations I’ve been posting recently to a lot of issues :-*).

I left a ticket, but in regards to my previous question, is the program shutdown behavior correct or should it be unlocking the old file?

(whispers: When a mod references the support ticket that means (s)he doesn’t know end of whisper.)

Ah okay wink well thanks for the support anyways.

Okay after normally uninstalling and reinstalling, the behavior remains consistent (aut-delete tmp file on manual exit and what appears to be non-consistent generation of tmp files on boot up). I might try the safe install route, and if I do should I purge the remnants of Comodo folders before making the attempt? Though there doesn’t appear to be any problems performance or security wise from what I can see, probably might be a harmless bug (a bug of a bug, funny) or something if this is a special case.

BTW, does anyone else’s Comodo wipe its tmp file after shutting down the program? Just trying to figure out if that specific behavior is a special case or if that is a standard.

edit: Okay it took my brain awhile to realize (it’s slowing down too much these days, maybe I should read a book or something) that shut down might not have been the most accurate description. Turning off comodo is much more accurate.

I see on my machine they’re piling up, one or two every day in the last five weeks, more or less.