COMODO Firewall Crashes Nvidia Display Driver With G-Sync Enabled

Ever since I upgraded to a 144Hz g-sync display, when a Comodo window or firewall popup is visible, the mouse becomes laggy, like the refresh rate has dropped. Comodo is the only thing that does this. Until now, it’s only been a minor annoyance.

I upgraded my GPU from a 970 to a 3070 this weekend, and now anytime a Comodo firewall popup appears or if I just open the main Comodo window, the mouse gets laggy like before, but after a second or two the Nvidia display driver will crash. I had to set g-sync to full-screen only to stop the crashing. Again, it’s only Comodo that causes this. I can play any game on max settings at 144 FPS with no problem, but if a Comodo firewall alert pops up it crashes the display driver.