Comodo Firewall crashes Chrome 45 [merged]

Same here,
i’ve renamed Chrome.exe to Chrome2.exe. Not very elegant but it works.

[color=blue]Mod edits:
For all users suffering from this problem use the following workaround instead of GrumpyoldGerman’s workaround. Add chrome.exe to Detect shellcode injections for the time being. That will do the trick.

CIS-1 made a video how to activate the workaround: How to fix COMODO's "Google Chrome has stopped working" issue - YouTube .

There will be a fix this Monday:

Also having this problem. GrumpyoldGerman’s fix worked. Yay, GrumpyoldGerman!

Same Chrome 45 crash on startup prob here on Win 10 64.
Added chrome.exe to detect shellcode injections exclusion in CIS… crash prob solved.

I have the same problem, started ever since I updated Google Chrome today.

Just followed GrumpyoldGerman advice and yes it worked. Thank you GrumpyoldGerman

Yes. :-TU

i reported in tracker.

I encoutered this problem today, after years of using chrome/comodo without problem, this worked fine ! thanks :slight_smile:


I use latest Comodo Firewall. I have windows 10 64. Today I upgrade Chrome from 44.xx to 45.xx and Comodo crashes Chrome 45.xx. Why? There is some solutions?

I had a look at event viewer and it causs by guard32.dll. When I uninstall CF, Chrome works normally.

chrome.exe is as TRUSTED.

Název chybující aplikace: chrome.exe, verze: 45.0.2454.85, časové razítko: 0x55df881b Název chybujícího modulu: guard32.dll, verze:, časové razítko: 0x55c148a3 Kód výjimky: 0xc0000409 Posun chyby: 0x000269c9 ID chybujícího procesu: 0x1aec Čas spuštění chybující aplikace: 0x01d0e5948f348beb Cesta k chybující aplikaci: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Cesta k chybujícímu modulu: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\guard32.dll ID zprávy: 36783d72-d070-4605-93c8-67433da30c26 Úplný název chybujícího balíčku: ID aplikace související s chybujícím balíčkem:

Hi radek178,
Please see the bug report in the link below.
guard32.dll kills Chrome 45

Kind regards.


what should I do? I do not understand it very much. Should I put there diagnostic file? I do not know if I do it because I do not know EN very well.

Same problem here (Win7/64, Firewall Error 0xc0000409. Downgraded to chrome 44 and it works again.

Issue re-appeared with Chrome 45.0.2454.85 and Comodo regarding guard32.dll/64.dll, same solution still working.

Add Chrome executables or whole Google -folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Google) into HIPS settings exclusions. Steps to do this with current version goes

→ Open Advanced Settings
→ Security Settings
→ Defense+
→ HIPS Settings: Detect shellcode injections [Exclusions] (lowest option)
→ Use 2nd mouse button to add: Files, File groups, Folders, Running processes

Same Problem here. Win7/64. After Uninstalling CIS works Chrome 45 perfect.

Hi radek178,
The issue has been reported to Comodo and Google, so hopefully one or the other can find a solution soon.
It looks like temporarily adding Chrome.exe to the ‘Detect shellcode injections’ exclusions list of CIS is a workaround until such time that the issue is resolved.
HIPS Settings-Comodo Help
Detect shellcode injections-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

I was going to post the same :slight_smile: Yes this fixes the issue with the new Chrome

For whatever reason, CIS makes my google chrome completely stop working. Every time I go to open Chrome, it immediately stops responding. When I uninstall CIS, Google Chrome goes back to functioning properly. I’ve tried adding exceptions in the firewall, exclusions in the anti-virus, nothing seems to work except uninstalling CIS. I have the latest version of CIS and Chrome and the latest Virus Signatures for CIS. I’ve never run into this problem before…but until it’s resolved, I will have to move to another firewall/antivirus program.

Fascinating that completely turning off “detect shellcode injections” does not fix this… >:(

Rename chrome.exe to chrome2.exe, and all ok for me :slight_smile:

Same here. Wondered what the hell was going on this morning when I turned on my laptop… Chrome worked fine last night, and wouldn’t load this morning.

Not sure how something this glaring slips through. Hopefully it won’t take long to get resolved, unlike the bug with Comodo not registering with the security centre on Vista… that’s been irritating me for months now.

I’ve sworn by Comodo for a good number of years now, and recommended it to several others - but if obvious bugs like this keep slipping through (not to mention not getting fixed for months), I might need to consider looking elsewhere.

Please use the following workaround for the time being:

Chrome’s annoying autoupdate may be? It’s hard to test against unreleased applications that are months ahead of the development cycle of CIS, isn’t it? :wink: