comodo firewall crashed with my system

I found out that this piece of firewall can do a great job, but no for me!!

i’ve just install it to my pc… and it crashed up with my whole system.

my graphics and video are being ■■■■■ up.

First i thought it was my pc problem, so I formatted the whole PC. and the first thing after the formation i installed back comodo firewall, but this problem doesnt get solve.

for every reboot, i get a windows pop up message telling me that my system got crash.

once i uninstalled the whole thing, my system run fine!

■■■■ it wasted my time for the formation

** I am running this firewall in my office and it work well, and I dont know what’s is wrong with my house PC.

anyone encounter the same problem like me? (:AGY)

Do you use ATI video card?
Do you have a minidump of the crash? (windows/minidump)