Comodo Firewall crash my XP

About 2 month ago , I started to use Comodo Firewall. I think it is a good firewall because it uses a few system resources and quite easy to use.However ,after about 1 week , my computer starts crash suddenly.

First ,all GUI like Windows XP ,Windows explorer ,Firefox ,etc… their text will suddenly disappear or showing some strange symbol when mouse move on it ,then the computer will slow down and finally no response. It can crash at anytime ,even through I just start up my computer and just listen to music without surfing the Internet.

I tried to uninstall other program that installed at that month ,but it doesn’t solved the problem until I uninstall the Comodo Firewall.

I was using Windows XP Pro SP2+Active Virus Shield with 512MB ram at that time .

Does anyone have same problem before and does it has a new patch solved this problem?

Thank you very much!

Please post your mini dump here:,6747.0.html

That’ll help the devs figure out the problem.

I don’t have a BSOD. I need to force restart by press the power button myself.
Does it have the minidump files?

Your issue seems more like a freeze than a BSOD. When you installed CFP were the other security programs disabled? It’s a safe practice to avoid strange issues with CFP.

I don’t know the answer, but official support might:

It might also help to link this thread to them.

I have not disable my anti virus program when i install cfp.
I will try it later to test is it happen again…

I have the same problem and I also had AOL Active Virus Shield, maybe comodo has some compability issues with it? I’ll try to install it without any other security programs: 1. comodo and then the rest.


Same problem again. I installed comodo first then AOL and same freeze or what ever you call it, had to change back to kerio… :frowning: