comodo firewall connects out before I allow it??????????????

My problem is that:When I launch an application and Comodo asks if I allow or deny it --if I deny it in a few seconds its okay but if I dont do anything for 6 seconds(not allow or deny) it automatically works like if I have allowed it.I would like the Comodo firewall first to block(suspend) the aplication and then allow it if I choose the allow button.
Win XP sp2 updated
Antivir PE
Spyware Termintor without HIP enabled
System Safety Monitor free
Comodo Firewall
As you can see from the picture the IE page loads without allowing it.I have checked many times.Comodo firewall connects out for!‘’ free download manager’’ too.I open the free download manager and choose look for updates,comodo pops up asking to allow or deny, but the program has already checked the new version.(it connects within the program does not use IE as ccleaner.Before I was using jetico firewall and it was really blocking before I allowed.Is this some kind of a bug in Comodo??
In my settings componenet monitor is on.I believe that I am an experienced user. Thanks.

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