Comodo Firewall Compatibility with open VPNs


I would just like to know if there are any compatibility/configuration issues known when using or trying to use open VPN’s alongside comodo firewall?

I travel to China in early August to teach English for a year and would like to make sure that my computer would be compatible with the software provide with their open VPN’s.

I know you may not like me talking about other VPN providers on here but teh fact of the matter is that comodo’s vpn does not work in China and is easily blocked where as specialist VPN providers have a much wider range of VPNs that are almost impossible to block.

So I would just like to know if the two are compatible (comodo firewall and open vpn software) and if they arn’t compatible with default settings is there anything i can do to change it?

Or will I have to do without the firewall? ???

This may help.