comodo firewall combined with avast and spysweper

I’m trying out “Vista Home Premium” Norton comes with the package, so it took for ever to remove Norton but eventually I removed it. I then loaded Avast as my anti virus program, I then loaded spy sweeper as my antispyware package, and last I loaded comodo as my firewall. what happened next was a supprise, I got a blue screen. This happened to me 3 times ea time I tried a different approach. My last attempt after reinstalling the factory setup was this. I loaded every thing except the firewall, then I loaded I tried to load the fire wall and got a message that said. “the installed OS is not supported by comodo internet security” so I changed the computability, loaded the program and ■■■■ (:AGY) the blue screen :THNK.

what is wrong with this combination of spy ware, anti virus, and firewall?

I did the same in my Hp Compaq Vista Home Premium Pcs (-Norton + CIS + Avast + BOClean + CMF) but without problems…