Comodo Firewall checks for updates more frequently than stated in options


Comodo Firewall seems to check for updates every single day (sometimes more than once) even though I set it to check for updates once every 7 days. This gets really annoying because Comodo Firewall displays a large popup window every time it checks for updates.

This sounds like a bug.

Please report it in this section of the forum and be sure to use the long format provided in this topic.

Thank you.

Just restart your computer…
and wait for another usefull information from the updater.

Its like holding a big sign in front of your face:
“Nothing to see here!”

At first it was funny.
Then not.

You even have to disable all antivirus updates to get rid of these program update attempts.

You can set updates to 30 days, but only if you dont restart meanwhile ? :smiley:

I submitted a bug report.

Thank you.