Comodo Firewall - Check For Update - Wishlist

I am using CFW Free (v4.1.150349.920). :slight_smile: In order to perform update checks CFW must be started, OPEN CFW - click on MORE… - then click on CHECK FOR UPDATES - and then START to initiate the check. :-TD There is no “check for updates” in either the START - ALL PROGRAMS - start menu context for CFW nor is there a context menu item in the SYSTRAY icon menu for CFW. I want to suggest that a context menu item be added to the START - PROGRAMS and the SYSTRAY icon menu listings. :-La This will be a quicker way to check for updates as opposed to having to click several times. I have, as a temporary measure, made a “short-cut” of the update “exe” (cfpupdat.exe) and placed it on my Desktop as a “quick launch” item. :THNK Hey … anyway … just a thought and observation. Thanks anyway.