Comodo Firewall changed to CIS Premium and get broken.

I’m using Windows 8.1, updated from Win8 some time ago. Now I’ve got a problem. I’m using firewall only, because it’s the best for detailed rules, I don’t need any antivirus (but Firewall still checks files for viruses), Defense+ blocks only programs that opens web browsers without permission etc.
But after last update of CFW it didn’t get updated but upgraded what made me mad. After the upgrade It cannot start. Add/Remove Programs told me that CFW is installed and I couldn’t uninstall it from there, because it’s broken. Installers of CFW and CIS Premium from your website tells me to remove installed version first.
I’ve used CleanUp tool from this forums but it didn’t delete nothing but CMD Agent what is signalized at startup. The registry key from Add/Remove Programs is deleted too so I have no access to any uninstaller.
Finally I had to uncheck Comodo Driver from my network connection to make Internet useful, because it blocked everything and I’m browsing Web when being unprotected.

How can I get rid of this and restore everything to Firewall only?

I have enclosed report from your utility which needed to check the files and couldn’t repair antyhing. (Please remove .mp3 from its name, it’s xml file)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please run the removal tool which works well with Windows 8. It can be found in this topic.

Make sure that you run this in Safe Mode. That should be able to remove these files and allow you to reinstall.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.


I had missed this one. Thank you very much. I used it, manually deleted program files from its directory, removed registry keys listed in xml (really a lot of work) and the newest version of cfw only installed succesfully.
Huge thanks for help.

Would i be correct in thinking if i use the firewall only then an antivirus is not required.?

If i use on demand scanners alongside comodo firewall would this be a safe action.?


Yes, I think it would probably be fine. However, it would be best if you would create a new topic in which we could discuss this.

Thank you.

Hah, but I do use AntiVirus - it’s Avira. The only which let’s me to ignore detections BEFORE files are deleted/moved. I hate other AV’s because they are not letting me to decide.

And yeah, it is possible with COMODO, but on my netbook COMODO compared to Avira makes my PC really slower.