Comodo Firewall changed my homepage without even asking me!

Just installed the last version available (4703) FW only. I always watch very closely any installations on my PC. I didn’t see any questions about changing my homepage. I am ■■■■■■ off. My homepage was highly customised and now CFW changed it to Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos. That’s completely unacceptable! >:(

I didn’t write this: “I am unhappy* off.”. WTF???

This is a behavior typical for malware, not anti-malware!

How can I remove all Yahoo BS which is now in my browser and PC?

Whatever. I will just restore my image and get rid of this completely. Very disappointed user here.

If you are using Google Chrome Browser:

On your right handside under x, there is a bottom. ->Click.
Then a menu, you can click “Setting”

Then the browser setting screen appear.
you can click initial screen, click setting home page.

Input your initial home page.
Then click Yahoo page X ====> then this initial home page will never come back again. Unless you set it, or you re-install Comodo again.

If you don’t like Yahoo searching engine, then you can scroll down to “search” setting.
Click the searching engine you like => then click manage searching engine.
It will pop up a window => de-select the engine you dislike it, then click confirm.

Hope this message is helpful to you.

==> Sorry, I am not using English version browser, some key word might be different you have, you can follow the meaning what I am talking about.

No, I am using Mozilla Firefox.

BTW, this thread should not be in "Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS ". It was my feedback to you and all who read it. I don’t need help with installing CIS.

It is an option under installation, it is already ticked on though, so you have to tick it off during installation,

I really didn’t see any ticks, except for geekbuddy and something else, which I don’t recall right now. Unchecked both of them.

Hi 23,
Step 2 of the help topic will show you the required check boxes.
CIS Premium – Installation

Kind regards.

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Seems that you don’t believe my OP. I watch installations very closely and I didn’t see this. Just saw first 2 windows from your link.

Various installers these days have a Customise Installation button. It’s a thing I always look out for as I install program in non standard path.

Hi 23,
I was just pointing you to the option that may easily be missed, after all it is human nature to miss the obvious sometimes. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

Ok, thank you people for the kind responses. :-TU