Comodo Firewall causing problems for all my games


I am new to this comodo firewall and although I like the idea of it. It seems to be causing problems from my numerous games. I did move from Zonealarm after I formatted my pc I was changing Anti-virus from AVG to Avast and thought I’d try out this comodo firewall and see how its like.

But when i ping game servers in steam i get pings of up to 100ms and when i go into a CSS server i get 40ms which i used to get 25ms. Can you tell me whats going on here? I want decent security but i’m not willing to deteriant my games for security.

I also have big problems on Battlefield 2142.

Do you use any peer2peer applications? I have been having the same problem right after I try to play a game after using utorrent. Comodo’s default setting seem to be very CPU intensive when handling several incoming connections at once.

Maybe the protocol checking used in Comodo is causing a slight packet delay? Or maybe the CPU intensity is causing your lag? Have you checked cpf.exe for processor usage during gameplay?

Go to “Network Monitor > Advanced > Advanced Attack and Detection > Configure > Miscellaneous” and uncheck “Do Protocol Analysis”.

That helped me a lot. But it still causes a little lag for me when in-game.

See my post @;msg74876#msg74876 for a more detailed description of my problem.