comodo firewall cause trouble with some browsers

Hi all,

I installed Firebug add-on, since then FF,IE and Opera can’t connect to internet (local web server can not run too) but Netscape and Safari can do it. I found out that it is caused by Comodo firewall, to make FF, IE , Opera and local web server back to normal I have to disabled Comodo.

Anyone can help me?

many thanx

Hi mol, welcome to the forum.

Two things. First firebug is a firefox addon, that allows you to make changes to various web page elements, it has nothing to do with IE or Opera. Its also unlikely that this is the cause of your problems.

Second, if you can still connect with Netscape and Safari, it’s likely you have a a rule problem that concerns firefox, IE and Opera, as each browser does, for the most part, exactly the same thing.

Your local web server is a different matter, it needs to receive inbound connections as opposed to making outbound connections like the browsers, and thus, will require different rules.

It would be helpful to see a sample of your logs, particularly the sections that show the failed connectivity issues.

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Hi and wecome,

To me it doesn’t look likely that your problem is CFP, even if disabling it lets you connect…