comodo firewall cannot run in service mode?

Does the original objective of the comodo firewall is for the workstation only? How about for the servers?
I am installating comodo v2 on the Windows 2003 server, I want it as a firewall of my home servers which is directlly connected to the internet. However, the applications seems need to occupy a terminal service session, (e.g: mstsc /Console) for the full functionality of the product. If I logout all the terminal service session, the firewall function (e.g: block access from certain IP address) are seems to run correctly, but When I login the session again, the application displays
Application Monitor : Off; Component Monitor:Off; Network Monitor:Off; Application behaviour analysis:Off
Also, in the task section, all the rules cannot be “Turn On”. as well as the “Activity Log” cannot capture logs anymore.

The only way to correct this is to reboot the server and keep one Console login hold, even it is required to locked. So that I want to know does v2 of comodo firewall does not support on “service based” and required “Application based” that need to occupied a console level connectiviities.

Thanks for any kind reply!

I have noticed with comodo if you are already logged in at a given location (doesn’t matter if it’s console or terminal services) that when you log in additional times comodo will give you these messages even tho it is running properly. Just have to ignore them and move on or make sure there are no other active sessions going.